Friday, September 9, 2011

Happiness is...A Day at the Lake.

Let's go mom...8am and ready for a swim.  Isabel is very much a water baby -she can stay in the water for hours.

Lillie on the other hand would much rather stay on land.

Cruising on the boat with the cousins.

Jaxon is our other water baby. His webbed feet make him a super swimmer when he attempts to swim to the middle of the lake to chase Ronald on the boat.

Isabel's 1st time to water tube. A little nervous, but she liked it!

Baby Christian's 1st time out at the lake.  His hair is greased up with sunscreen.

There are always lots of good snacks at the Lake House.

Grandpa Dean's Old Yellow Speed Boat

Soaking up the Sun

Snacking again...You caught me!

Great food, family time, and memories.

Easter Egg-citement

Though I'm not much of a "Martha Stewart" in the kitchen, I have seemed to find a niche in baking holiday cupcakes. I found this cute recipe for Easter Bunny Cupcakes on the internet and I couldn't resist. All of the kids really enjoyed decorating their own bunny.

I attempted to do some Easter face painting for the kids, but they seemed to take over that project. I painted one easter bunny on Isabel's arm and ....

...End Result. Her little art spirit seems to go overboard sometimes. She loved it!!!

Coloring Eggs

Cousins-Will's hands were like the color of the Hulk when we finished.

One Cute Easter Chick

I loved her dress...but Isabel was NOT one bit interested in it.

Since my sister planned on coming for a visit the weekend before Easter, we decided to celebrate the holiday then with all the kids together. It was a little non-traditional, we told the kids that the Easter Bunny left the baskets at the front door.  I adored these new baskets that I bought the girls this year from Pottery Barn.  I really hope they last through their childhood years. 
Lillie loved her basket -especially all the hershy chocolate!
She ate a whole chocolate bunny by herself- BIG Chocolate lover.

We are BIG Justin Bieber fans!

Baskets Galore- They loved all the goodies from the Easter Bunny

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Cake and Lots of Fun! Happy Birthday Isabel and Lillie

So the BIG QUESTION this year from Isabel? "Why is Lillie's Birthday before mine?
Lillie turned 2 yr old on February 4th and Isabel turned 4 yr old on February 20th...they are growing up so fast!  We celebrated Lillie's Birthday at home with family.

 My gift from Grandpa
"I love my new baby bumble bee!" Thank you

"Happy To You"--Lillie
(That is how she sings Happy Birthday)

Of Course Isabel got a gift too...She definitely has Bieber Fever
From Grandpa

"Best Cupcakes EVER!"
We celebrated their birthday at Peter Piper Pizza with friends and family. Isabel has asked me every morning --"Is today my brithday party?" Finally, I was able to say YES!

 Party Sisters

One year older-cuter too!

Early morning birthday suprise--She thought the tooth fairy brought it!


Party Time!

What's a Party without Goody Bags

 "I'm 4 Years Old."
 Cousins having a good time
 Lillie enjoying all the arcade games

"Spongebob wrapping shouldn't have."  Lillie loved it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine? XOXO

February is one of my favorite months of the year! I love Valentine's Day and February is my little girls' birthdays. I decorate the house for the entire month in Valentine's and Birthday stuff. 

My Little Sweethearts

For those of you that know Lillie, you have to be really special to get a kiss.

Red Tulips from Ronald

Lobster and Scallop Dinner at home-BEST meal EVER!

 Valentine gift to the girls-Cake Playdough Set

 "Just give me a hug."

 Sealed with a Kiss

Friday, February 18, 2011

Got Donuts?

The girls absolutely love donuts and especially donut holes.  Every Friday morning before school, Ronald takes the girls to get donuts.  When Ronald first started this "Donut Friday" ritual with the girls, Isabel would wake up in the morning and the first thing she would say, "What food day is today? " I guess she thought everyday of the week should have its own food are funny!

Ronald decided one morning to make homemade donuts....and of course Isabel was thrilled and had to be right there in the midst of it all. She prepared all the donut holes. 
 Made from biscuit dough
 Baked with Tender Loving Care
 She really enjoyed helping daddy.
 Donuts Anyone?.....mmmm!
I see you!