Friday, September 9, 2011

Happiness is...A Day at the Lake.

Let's go mom...8am and ready for a swim.  Isabel is very much a water baby -she can stay in the water for hours.

Lillie on the other hand would much rather stay on land.

Cruising on the boat with the cousins.

Jaxon is our other water baby. His webbed feet make him a super swimmer when he attempts to swim to the middle of the lake to chase Ronald on the boat.

Isabel's 1st time to water tube. A little nervous, but she liked it!

Baby Christian's 1st time out at the lake.  His hair is greased up with sunscreen.

There are always lots of good snacks at the Lake House.

Grandpa Dean's Old Yellow Speed Boat

Soaking up the Sun

Snacking again...You caught me!

Great food, family time, and memories.

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